Magazine, collaborative work

FRÆK is a magazine published annually by the students of the Münster School of Design. It deals with various design-related topics and serves as a platform for exchange for students of different design fields. In the second issue, commentaries, essays, background reports, interviews and reportages result in an overall view on »The Future of Design«.

It's about a way of thinking about the world: designers have always been a little better at foreseeing the future and thinking ahead. In this way, design is an expression of social upheaval and is perhaps even close to what the Bauhaus designers also wanted: social change.«
(Rüdiger Quass von Deyen, supervising professor)

As part of this issue, I created a layout for an interview with Till Wiedeck, creative director and founder of HelloMe, in which he talks about the studio's work, his personal understanding of design and his relationship to typography. In addition, I was involved in the visual conception of the issue and the creation and editing of some photographs for the »Atmosphere« section, which deals with a new topical social issue in each issue. In this issue, the theme was »Impartiality« in reference to the easing of the COVID19 pandemic and the growing desire for normality and lightheartedness in society.

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