Type Specimen

This type specimen for LL Circular Std by Laurenz Brunner was created as part of a class at the Münster School of Design. A typeface specimen had to be created for any typeface, with which the typeface is introduced, its characteristics examined and graphically represented.

I chose LL Circular Std because I was fascinated by the design idea with its mixture of geometry and naturalness. As I looked more closely at LL Circular Std, it became clear that I wanted to be very minimalist but large in design to let the type work for itself. There is also no table of contents or page numbers, for a rough division into the different aspects of the typeface I used double pages of microscopic photographs. Basically, I had the idea of a scientific« type specimen in mind — neutral and unambiguous. I decided on the color combination of white and blue because it emphasizes both the neutrality of the typeface and its peaceful character. In addition, blue seemed to me to fit the conflict of the typeface: it is sober, geometric, but still natural and calming.