Poster series, flyer, freelance work with Büro 222

»When people in Suhl speak about Suhl-Nord, the same prejudices are heard over and over again. But we think it's essential that the people who currently live here, or who once lived here, get a chance to speak for themselves. We are interested in how things used to be here, how you experience the deconstruction, whether you feel safe here, how you organize your everyday life here, and what you are hoping for in the future. We would like to invite you to engage in conversation with each other through our project — with people across all generations, from various backgrounds, and in different languages. And we use photographs — a language that many understand.«

For the project »Suhl-Nord — wieder im Gespräch« I have been working together with Büro222 to create the brand identity as well as various posters and a flyer. The project aims to draw attention to the forgotten city district of Suhl-Nord, a »Plattenbau« which used to be a popular part of town to live in but is now to be demolished and rebuilt. The inititaive »unofficial pictures« wants appreciate the history of Suhl-Nord through a multitude of photographs from the district which will be hung up around the city. In addition to that, there will be a street festival held in Suhl-Nord where guests can articipate in various workshops to keep the memory of the district alive. It is also intended as a multicultural exchange, since a multitude of nationalities have been living in Suhl-Nord for decades. I took part in the development of the project's visual identity as well as the flyer's and the poster's layout.

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