Interdisciplinary project, collaborative work

Parcours« is the finals exhibition of the Münster School of Design. Every semester, the corporate identity and communication of »Parcours« is redesigned. I was part of this process during the winter semester 2020/2021 and participated primarily in the development of the key visual, the communication, the website and the associated print products. For the catalog, cards, and posters, I produced the final artworks and was responsible for communicating with the printers. As part of the project management, I was also responsible for project planning and post-processing, among other things.

A special challenge in this project was meeting the existing requirements of »Parcours«. In addition, our goal was to bridge the digital distance and create new points of contact and experiences via a diverse concept. Through interviews, an active social media presence and a podcast, we offered various insights into the work process of the bachelor and master gra-duates, the MSD and also into the work process of us as a project team. The final event this semester was unfortunately not an exhibition, but a website and other digital events (Instagram live talk, open roundtable with designers in Zoom), which took place on the weekend 12.-14.02.2021. In addition to the new technical experiences I was able to make during this project, the organizational and conceptual work was particularly formative for me. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we often had to adjust our plans and respond to the constantly changing situation. A new, alternative exhibition concept had to be developed to replace the exhibition as equally as possible. The project was characterized by many last-minute changes, the resulting stress, and a wide variety of work areas — but looking back, I am glad for this experience, because I feel confident in being able to work under extraordinary circumstances in the future.

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